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Wireless technology today is fairly commonplace due to its ease of use and the many applications that rely on its portable nature. Over the past decade prices for this technology have dropped drastically due to the high demand, and engineers have been working tirelessly to ensure that security in wireless networks can be kept to a maximum. At Datamax, we understand the difficult balance your business faces between mobility and security.

Many things need to be considered when designing a wireless network in order to ensure full functionality and overall reliability. By physically reducing the effectiveness of your wireless network, an office constructed from brick will usually require more access points as opposed to one built from wood and drywall. Additionally, the location of water pipes, electrical wires, and microwaves can have a large effect on the strength and consistency of your network, and are usually a strong influencing factor of where your access points can and should be.

Access Information Rapidly
Exponentially improve the speed at which you and your employees access the internet.
Interference Free
Say goodbye to interference and distortion from conflicting devices.
A-Z Tested Systems
We ensure that all components are tested and working flawlessly.

Planning a wireless network, like any other IT infrastructure project, requires careful pre-planning to allow you to achieve a network that is not only stable and functioning now, but has the ability to support your business and employees as they grow. We at Datamax want to help you solve these logistical challenges before they ever have a chance to become problems.

Wireless networks services may cover:

  • Wireless router installation
  • Wireless access point installation
  • Wireless access point relocation
  • Testing and repair
  • Troubleshooting
Wireless Networks Services

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