Wireless Networks

Wireless technology today is fairly commonplace due to its ease of use and the many applications that rely on its portable nature. Over the past decade prices for this technology have dropped drastically due to the high demand, and engineers have been working tirelessly to ensure that security in wireless networks can be kept to a maximum. At Datamax, we understand the difficult balance your business faces between mobility and security.

The recent acceleration of BYOD has brought about a series of new questions and concerns that never previously had to be considered. Reducing IT infrastructure while trying to maximize network efficiency and maintain top level access control has not been without its challenges. First there was WEP, then there was WPA, WPA2, MAC, Smart Cards, USB Tokens, etc. A non-stop evolution of IT defence all revolving around trying to keep data completely locked down and secure. Today, you can rest assured knowing that your wireless devices can establish connections that are just as secure as their wired counterparts.

Many things need to be considered when designing a wireless network in order to ensure full functionality and overall reliability. Believe it or not, the type of building you’re in can limit the range and usefulness of your wireless devices. An office constructed out of brick will usually require many more access points to ensure a fast, reliable connection compared to one built from wood and drywall. Even things such as water pipes, electrical wires, and microwaves can have an affect on the strength and consistency of your wireless network. Fully understanding in advance where and why you need wireless coverage should help determine any logistical challenges before they ever have a chance to become problems.

Depending on what type of organization you are running wireless congestion may have to be factored in as well. Wireless devices can cover a wide area, but they are still limited in the amount of broadband they can efficiently handle. If you have fifty employees all trying to transmit large amounts of data at the same time, you’re poor little access point is probably going to struggle. The general rule of thumb with access points is that the more you can afford, the more you should put in, just to be safe.

Wireless networks should definitely undergo the same type of consideration for the future as any other IT infrastructure project. Are you planning to grow? Do you want to add employees? How much space will you need three years from now? Some simple forethought can often save a lot of money and downtime when it comes to making simple changes in your business.

Advancing technology in both wireless networking and the security it relies on has enhanced networking options while reducing the total cost needed for network infrastructure. It can increase the efficiency of your business by allowing your people to take advantage of mobile devices, which will ultimately result in a better experience for your customers. At Datamax, we rely heavily on wireless technology ourselves, and we have the experience to help you design a wireless plan of attack that is best suited for your organization and its people.


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