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Building Inspiring Infrastructure

Over the last few years, Datamax has established a reputation as one of the hardest working and most reliable Data infrastructure services companies in Canada. We have successfully helped companies from all over North America with customized infrastructure solutions – from network cabling to fiber optics, audio/visual, and surveillance – our clients include:

Electronic Arts • Telus • Costco • Toys R Us • Canadian Tire • Bed, Bath & Beyond • Bell Canada • Tim Hortons • Richie Bros. • VANOC • Starbucks Coffee • KFC • Reflex Supplements • Flynn Canada • Anderson Pacific Forestry Products • Tekworks • Patterson Dental • PDG • Amix/Schnitzer Steel • JRG • US Edge • Atlas Copco • SVT Solutions • KGB Technologies • CrossCom National • DBP Systems • Integrity Communications & Solutions • Healthtek • Global Outsourcing Services • Phyton Biotech • Radiant Tanning • Wexxar • Axitel

We proudly consider ourselves one of Canada’s best IT infrastructure companies

Tomorrow’s Network Today

At Datamax, we understand how large of an effect the network cabling that is chosen will have on your business, and its employee’s ability to access the information they need reliably. When it comes to structured cabling, the deciding factor on any implementation depends on finding the balance between present and future needs. You may not need a Cat 6 network today, but it may be worth spending the extra capital so you don’t have to go through the installation process again after two years of growth.

Technology is advancing exponentially, but at the end of the day it will only be as strong as the weakest link in the chain. At Datamax, we want to make sure your IT infrastructure isn’t that link. Your network relies on structured cabling to get it’s job done. The reality is that these cables are fragile, and in order to guarantee their integrity is maintained they must be handled by specialists who understand them.



Complete Fiber Services

With a steady decline in price and vastly superior performance to its copper counterpart, fiber optics continues to become an integral part of businesses by improving their ability to communicate more quickly, safely, and reliably.

Unlike traditional copper methods, the data being sent through fiber optics is not susceptible to the distortion and interference created by sources of electricity, enabling fibre optics to be installed in and around sources of electricity allowing it to be the perfect solution for many industrial applications that deal with large amounts of power.



Audio/Visual Success

With the surge of seamlessly integrated multimedia applications, it has never been easier to implement, use, and utilize audio/visual devices to communicate what you want, when you want to. From projectors in meeting rooms to LED TV displays easily seen by customers, the information your business wants to communicate can be effortlessly changed at any time.

Audio/visual integration in your business can streamline marketing and communications, allowing your business to use its time much more efficiently. Regardless of whether your business is looking to improve functionality, boost sales, or simply create a stunning aesthetic display, we at Datamax can deliver the perfect audio/visual experience for both you and your clients.



Network Relocation

In any business, expansion and growth will result in the necessity to relocate your IT infrastructure in order to support and enable your business to remain efficient and productive. This relocation also provides you with the opportunity to assess any current and ongoing issues that your staff may be experiencing.

To be able to smoothly transition your network during a relocation, the first step is to assess the new location where your network will be installed to understand what is in place and any issues that may arise. The age of the building, type of cable used, and the position and number of jacks all play important roles in simplifying this transition process.

Network Relocation Services


Project Management

Datamax has the resources to manage any telecommunications project from initial design through to final completion. Focusing mainly on the commercial sector, we work directly with owners and contractors providing our experience and knowledge every step of the way.

The complexity involved in determining the perfect network infrastructure solution for any organization can be daunting. Datamax will help you determine the scope of work needed, establish a timeline, and find a budget that is well within your means. Many of these decisions will have a direct impact on the productivity and the efficiency of your business.

How much bandwidth will you need? For who? Where will you need it? What kind of data cabling will be required? What kind of equipment should you use and what are your communications requirements?

Project managing an IT infrastructure implementation can be a simple undertaking, as long as the proper questions are answered in order to get a complete and detailed view of the scope of work at hand. Our experience has lead us through almost every type of IT environment, and you can rest assured knowing this experience will be there for you when you need it.

Network Relocation Services



Every business person knows that time equals money, but at Datamax we understand that if your computer network goes down time will equal money mixed in with a great deal of stress until troubleshooting is finished and a solution is found. The complexities involved in troubleshooting IT infrastructure are best handled by well equipped IT professionals who know what is at stake, and can get you back in business quickly.

We’ve all been there. You try to send an email or access the internet and your computer just keeps searching… and searching… and searching. Everything worked last night, so why not this morning? It could be anything. Is it the computer or the infrastructure? Did you fry a switch port? Is it your equipment or your service providers? Did a rat chew through a cable? Was there a fire in the wall? A broken data jack? A faulty patch cord? Troubleshooting IT network infrastructure isn’t just a matter of “guessing” what’s wrong, as the possibilities are endless.

Whether or not IT problems cripple your business will be determined by the ability to quickly analyze and find a solution. At Datamax, we take a methodical approach to troubleshooting in order to isolate the problem. Our collective experience will get your network back up fast and your people productive. We pride ourselves on being there for you 24/7, whenever you need us.

Network Relocation Services


Wireless Networks

Wireless technology today is fairly commonplace due to its ease of use and the many applications that rely on its portable nature. Over the past decade prices for this technology have dropped drastically due to the high demand, and engineers have been working tirelessly to ensure that security in wireless networks can be kept to a maximum. At Datamax, we understand the difficult balance your business faces between mobility and security.

The recent acceleration of BYOD has brought about a series of new questions and concerns that never previously had to be considered. Reducing IT infrastructure while trying to maximize network efficiency and maintain top level access control has not been without its challenges. First there was WEP, then there was WPA, WPA2, MAC, Smart Cards, USB Tokens, etc. A non-stop evolution of IT defence all revolving around trying to keep data completely locked down and secure. Today, you can rest assured knowing that your wireless devices can establish connections that are just as secure as their wired counterparts.

Network Relocation Services

Many things need to be considered when designing a wireless network in order to ensure full functionality and overall reliability. Believe it or not, the type of building you’re in can limit the range and usefulness of your wireless devices. An office constructed out of brick will usually require many more access points to ensure a fast, reliable connection compared to one built from wood and drywall. Even things such as water pipes, electrical wires, and microwaves can have an affect on the strength and consistency of your wireless network. Fully understanding in advance where and why you need wireless coverage should help determine any logistical challenges before they ever have a chance to become problems.

Depending on what type of organization you are running wireless congestion may have to be factored in as well. Wireless devices can cover a wide area, but they are still limited in the amount of broadband they can efficiently handle. If you have fifty employees all trying to transmit large amounts of data at the same time, you’re poor little access point is probably going to struggle. The general rule of thumb with access points is that the more you can afford, the more you should put in, just to be safe.

Wireless networks should definitely undergo the same type of consideration for the future as any other IT infrastructure project. Are you planning to grow? Do you want to add employees? How much space will you need three years from now? Some simple forethought can often save a lot of money and downtime when it comes to making simple changes in your business.

Advancing technology in both wireless networking and the security it relies on has enhanced networking options while reducing the total cost needed for network infrastructure. It can increase the efficiency of your business by allowing your people to take advantage of mobile devices, which will ultimately result in a better experience for your customers. At Datamax, we rely heavily on wireless technology ourselves, and we have the experience to help you design a wireless plan of attack that is best suited for your organization and its people.


Surveillance Systems

The IP network cameras used in modern surveillance systems are helping businesses is almost every sector gain a much needed competitive edge. Now used for more than just security, owners and managers are leveraging their surveillance systems to help streamline staff efficiency and business analytics.

The employees of a successful business will without a doubt be your greatest asset, but these same people can quickly turn into your biggest liability. Internal theft of time, money, and product accounts for millions of dollars in profit losses every year in the corporate world. While large enterprises definitely have a problem with these same issues, for a smaller business where margins are tight it can make the difference between success and failure. Quality surveillance systems can be a large deterrent and help to eliminate these actions.

The more knowledge you have, the greater your competitive edge. Many businesses are now relying on their surveillance systems to collect data on almost every aspect of their operation, from consumer demographics and behaviour, to staff efficiency and competency. It’s now easier than ever to observe multiple locations at the same time and quickly determine what’s working and what isn’t. The more insight you have, the more you can leverage this information to help your business succeed. Surveillance systems can give you this power.

Network Relocation Services

High quality IP surveillance systems can act like professional bodyguards for your bank account when it comes to insurance claims, litigation, and prosecution. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it’s been proven time and time again that dozens of pictures from multiple different angles can literally be worth thousands, if not millions of dollars. For a business of any size, surveillance systems are simply an added insurance policy which can have a massive ROI if an incident occurs. Not to mention the headaches, loss of time, and lawyer fees which will be avoided by simply reviewing some footage.

An investments into a surveillance system can be undertaken for many reasons ranging from internal security to business intelligence. We all know that running a business is tough and you can’t be everywhere at once. Luckily, with the surveillance systems available today you don’t need to be. Datamax can provide you with the right tools to give you a competitive edge and ensure peace of mind.


Communications Cabling

Successful businesses are lead by successful communication. For a small business a few legacy phone lines may still do the trick, but for most businesses the internet age has brought about many bigger, better solutions. Voice over Internet Protocol has changed the dynamics by streamlining both the efficiency and the economy of the communications infrastructure.

Whether you plan on using a hosted VoIP solution, an IP-PBX, or are planning on taking advantage of a Virtual PBX, the majority of phone systems now rely on the same network cabling as the rest of your IT infrastructure. The advantage to this is that not only has VoIP decreased the cost of infrastructure needed, but it has also reduced the cost of voice communications in a huge way. Outrageous phone bills are soon to be a thing of the past.

Voice over Internet Protocol differs from Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) in the way that it transmits information. POTS uses a single copper line which gets connected from user to user for the duration of the call. As long as that call is in progress, nobody else can use that stretch of wire. Essentially, if you are on a call from Vancouver to Toronto you are using a four thousand kilometre piece of copper for the duration of the call. No wonder long distance is so expensive.

Network Relocation Services

VoIP takes a much more efficient approach when it comes to transferring data. Instead of tying up a line continuously, it only sends out information when there is information to be sent. If nobody is speaking then the line is not used. A VoIP phone will sample your voice as you speak many thousands of times per second, and then package these samples into packets and send them to their destination to be reassembled. The benefit to this is that it allows many packets from different calls to travel along the same lines, in turn reducing the cost of infrastructure for both you and your provider.

A good way to think of VoIP is as crowd funding for your phone expenses. Instead of having one user paying for one voice cable, you can have many users paying for that cable, all using it at the same time. Since most new voice applications are VoIP based, the network cabling they rely on must be designed and installed with much more care than traditional phone lines.

Obviously, not all businesses will be implementing the newest technology when it comes to voice communications. You may not need to. There is still a ton of analog infrastructure out there that does an excellent job, and it will be around for years to come. The technology isn’t nearly as delicate, and in many cases can be more reliable.

Teamwork in any organization is driven by strategic collaboration, which means that efficient communication is a must. At Datamax, we will help you to analyze your situation and figure out the ideal solution for both you and your business.


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