Network Relocation

Maybe you’ve decided that it is time to expand internally, or maybe your organization has grown to the point where a bigger, better office is a crucial investment. A relocation is the perfect time to reconsider your IT infrastructure in order to increase efficiency and productivity.

Technology changes fast, and though much of your IT equipment may be salvaged and reused, what will it cost you in the long run? The best way to determine the state of your current network is to ask the people that use it. Many times your staff will have a long list of little problems that consolidate into an large opportunity for improvement.

The first step in relocating your IT network is to assess the new location to determine what kind of network infrastructure is already in place. A new building may have been custom built to your specifications and might just be a matter of plug and play. An older building could be an IT nightmare consisting of random voice cables and outdated equipment.

There are many questions to be asked when surveying a potential location. What kind of data cable is used? Are there enough ports? Are they in the right places? Are they functional? What kind of backbone structure does the building have? Will it support the connection speed that your business requires? What kind of IT equipment is installed? Is there any equipment? Does it work?

We know that move in day is definitely not the ideal time to be searching for answers, so we recommend that we be there as early as possible to assist you with your network investigation and planning.

Network relocation will often require IT specialists such as ourselves to collaborate with your furniture handlers, office movers, and/or electricians. The sooner this process starts the better. Early surprises are always easier to deal with than last minute surprises, which can be costly. The ultimate goal is a stress free transition from old to new, and the best way to accomplish this is through communication.

At Datamax we understand that network relocation is a time sensitive endeavour that relies on precise planning in order to ensure success and minimize downtime. Seamless execution needs to be ensured, which is where we put our experience to work.



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