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Successful businesses are lead by successful communication. For a small business a few legacy phone lines may suffice, but for most businesses the internet age has brought about many bigger, better solutions. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has changed the dynamics by streamlining both the efficiency and the economy of the communications infrastructure.

Whether you plan on using a hosted VoIP solution, an IP-PBX, or a Virtual PBX, the majority of phone systems now rely on the same network cabling as the rest of your IT infrastructure. The advantage to this is that not only has VoIP decreased the cost of the infrastructure needed, but it has also reduced the cost of voice communications drastically.

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VoIP differs from Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) in the way that it transmits information. POTS uses a single copper line which gets connected from user to user for the entirety of the call. For the duration of the call, other users will be unable to use that stretch of wire, hence the remarkably high costs of long-distance calls.

VoIP takes a much more efficient approach when it comes to transferring data. Instead of using a line indefinitely, it only sends out information when it needs to. If nobody is speaking then the line is not used. A VoIP phone will sample your voice as you speak, and then package these samples into packets and send them to their destination to be reassembled. The benefit is that it allows many packets from different calls to travel along the same lines, in turn reducing the cost of infrastructure for both you and your provider.

Teamwork in any organization is driven by strategic collaboration, that which requires efficient communication. At Datamax, we will help you analyze your situation and find the ideal solution for both you and your business.

Communications cabling services may cover:

  • New wiring and or cabling
  • Upgrading existing wiring or cabling
  • VoIP installation
  • VoIP system repair
  • Testing and repair
  • Troubleshooting

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