Datamax Career Opportunities:

Delivering technology that always works on time and on budget for some of the biggest companies in the world is something that requires dedication from the best of the best. At Datamax we’re always looking to make our team as strong as possible. Currently we are have openings for the following positions within our company:

Junior Technicians

Lol… the rookies. Gotta love ’em. This is all about personality, because let’s face it, you ain’t got no skills yet!!! A passion for exponential self improvement is what will lead to success in this position. The more you learn, the more you earn!!!

Senior Technicians

These are the hands on people that get sh** done. There is no problem that’s unsolvable. Our front line soldiers charge out to win every day and takes no prisoners. If you want a cushy little office job where you get to put you feet up then this is definitely not the job for you.

Project Managers

Though many people see a project manager as nothing more than a professional babysitter, we know that this is one of the most important roles in any company. These people are the face of the company and deal with our clients on a daily basis helping them implement solutions and resolve problems. Personality is a must.

Project Coordinators

An expert project coordinator can make the difference between a dream and a nightmare. At Datamax we expect our project coordinators to come to work with a crystal ball and be able to see into the future with terrifying accuracy. The more problems that we can deal with before a job starts, the less problems our clients have to deal with after the job starts.

Estimation Experts

The best estimators are worth their weight in gold. They can heavily affect the company’s ability to not only get us work, but also to lead us down the best possible path to efficient profitability. More profits, means faster growth. Faster growth, means more company parties. More company parties, means more company parties.

Sales Professionals

Business development is a key role in any industry. Keeping our sales pipeline full and operating smoothly means that everybody gets a paycheque at the end of the week. Our sales pros are usually focused exclusively on either the retail solutions, IT management, or construction industry. Compensation comes with a base salary and a very generous commission structure. Only the experienced need apply.


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