Audio/Visual Installation

The surge of audio/visual implementation in the past decade has changed the dynamics which govern how businesses market and communicate. With a decline in pricing for AV technology it is now much easier for smaller businesses to play with the same toys as larger enterprises.

IT networks are now seamlessly integrated with audio/visual applications, allowing effortless changes when it comes to the message your business wants to communicate. No longer do you need to tell people what you want them to know, instead you can show them.

From projectors in the boardroom, to plasma TV advertising in a bank, the information you want displayed can be altered any way that you see fit. For marketing analytics and testing this can be a huge advantage in fast tracking to what works and what doesn’t.

Audio/visual systems can play a large role is defining the atmosphere of your organization, for both customers and staff. Having the ability to alter this atmosphere with just the click of a mouse can give you a competitive edge which will allow you to outperform your competition.

Subtle variations can go a long way in identifying consumer behaviour. A simple example would be the difference in buying habits when a clothing store plays rock music compared to country music. Another example is a fast food restaurant that wants to test two different layouts for its menu. Having it displayed on a monitor allows for an easy change in order to analyze the different effects they have on purchasing decisions.

Audio/visual integration in your business can streamline marketing and communications, thus allowing your people to use their time much more efficiently. Regardless of whether you’re business is looking to improve functionality, or just create a stunning aesthetic display, Datamax can deliver the perfect audio/visual experience for both you and your clients.