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Why Choose Datamax?

“By demanding that our customers remain our main strategic focus we will help you avoid downtime, and ensure that your company’s hard earned cash flow can be reinvested”.

Brandon Boswell, CEO - Datamax Installations Inc.

From our unequaled energy and integrity, to our expert technical advice and industry-leading troubleshooting efforts, we consistently exceed the expectations of our clients.

We make the process easy: with decades of combined years of project management, service, and installation experience, we are uniquely positioned to provide expert advice throughout the process: from planning and designing; to budgeting, implementation, and testing.

Most importantly, we understand that your overall objective in improving your IT infrastructure is growing your company’s revenues and ensuring reliability: as such, we always work towards providing a solution that is best for you.

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Trusted Partners

Our partners give Datamax Canada the ability to serve our customers with the highest quality products and services on the market.