How Finding A Purple Cow Will Help You Crush Your Competition

Marketing and brand awareness have long been two huge make or break topics for enterprises both big and small. Put the right strategy in place and an endless supply of clients will have your phone going crazy and your bank accounts overflowing. However, if you fail to put the right marketing strategy in place the only people benefiting will be your competitors and maybe your therapist. Like they say, failing to plan is planning to fail.

So what is marketing strategy exactly? When broken down to its simplest definition, marketing strategy is merely the measurable actions which shall be taken in order to derive the desired outcome for your business. Some of these actions may be executed over months or years, others could take merely minutes. In the technology world, it’s not uncommon for startups operating with lean methodology to use A/B testing and change their marketing tactics hundreds of times per day.

The key word in any plan is measurable. If the actions taken do not have an accountability factor which is measurable, choosing which strategies to continue and which to change becomes impossible. How would you know whether or not what you are doing is successful?

What Is A Purple Cow And Where Do I Find One?

We all love cows. Petting them, eating them, tipping them. However cows fit into your life is up to you, but there one thing which is almost a given. You’ve been exposed to so many cows since you’ve been born that you now drive by them without even batting an eye. They’re everywhere and they’re all the same.

What if one day you were cruising down the street and came upon a purple cow? Would you ignore it and just keep driving? Not a chance. You’d slam on the brakes and whip out your phone to either take a million pictures or call everybody you know. That is a product with marketing superpowers. That is a Purple Cow.

In his book, conveniently entitled Purple Cow, marketing guru Seth Godin explains that the only way to truly succeed, in a world where nearly everything has become a commodity, is to have a company that is as unbelievable as a purple cow. Anything less than this will be a struggle from the beginning, as your already established competitors will surely use their superior reputation and financial means to destroy you. You need to have a value proposition which will cause peoples mouths to move and their wallets to open.

Stand Out And Be Different

Richard Branson has always been the king of standing out. Upon launching Virgin Cola the guy drove a tank into Times Square in New York. Think people noticed? This is the kind of outside the box thinking new businesses will have to put into their marketing strategy if they wish to pull away from the crowd.

Make a plan and execute it. Try everything you can think of to distract from the competition. Keep changing it up until you have a purple cow marketing strategy in place which allow for exponential growth.

If you make people notice you, people will talk about you. If people talk about you, people will remember you. When people remember you, they give you their business. With lots of business, you will succeed. When you succeed, you can help others do the same.

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